Company Overview

High Growth Industry

E-cigarette users are moving away from cig-alike products to vaporizers. The E-liquid industry is experiencing expedited growth. US E-liquid industry is expected to grow to $2.8B by 2025. There is a growing demand for US manufactured E-liquids.

Scalable Business Model

We service global tobacco companies by offering them alternatives to traditional tobacco products. We target large retailers and major corporations in the gaming, entertainment and hospitality industries. Our online services allow for subscription based models that generate recurring revenue.

Proven Management Team

Gilla’s in-house collaborative team offers extensive knowledge in brand building and creative marketing solutions for businesses that want to improve their brand recognition and product offerings while we simultaneously handle logistics and supply chain management.

Acquisition Strategy

There are currently hundreds of independent e-liquid manufacturers. Many of these ‘Mom and Pop’ operations, who have recently experienced exponential growth, are unable to achieve economies of scale. Gilla is perfectly positioned to acquire and consolidate these e-liquid manufacturers and brands.

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Gilla Inc. (OTCQB: GLLA)

Gilla Inc. designs, markets and distributes electronic cigarettes, e-hooka’s, vaporizers, e-liquids and related accessories. Gilla has a two-pronged business model: white-label solutions, including branding, marketing and sales support; and e-commerce solutions. Gilla also seeks consolidation opportunities within the E-liquid industry – there is an enormous opportunity to expand product verticals, grow revenues and profitability by leveraging expertise and consolidating operations.

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